Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bovine Alert!

I'm spending the bulk of the day at our new house. As I write this, our dachshund Oscar is barking her head off at the cows she can see out the window. We must be at Defcow 4 based on the amount of noise she's making. Seeing cows out back is very exciting for a dog who's never really seen anything other than birds and squirrels in the back yard. I think Oscar is going enjoy living here. I also think I'm going to be spending a lot of time cleaning off those windows that are so low to the floor that Oscar can put her whole front body up on the window sills. Lord help us the first time she spies a deer out there.

I just spent the past hour vacuuming the walls in the living room and the bedroom. Yes, the walls, not the floor. The new house is a log structure with real, honest-to-goodness rough hewn pine logs on the exterior and part of the interior walls. I'm guessing that the previous homeowners were somewhat casual in their housekeeping based on the amount of dust, pollen, and spiderwebs I found on the walls. The logs have a sealant on them, but the wood is still pretty rough, making it a perfect surface to catch dust. There were lots of little bits of what looked to be paper caught here and there on the wood. I wonder if they dusted the lower portion of the walls with paper towels? I don't think the upper part of the log walls had been cleaned in awhile. At least I'm hoping that I just cleaned several years worth of dust off up there and they didn't just clean all that this past summer.

Shush, dog! You're so loud you're making the light fixtures ring.

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