Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Oscar in a Pink Snuggie

Oscar is a miniature short haired dachshund. She's practically nekkid on some places on her body. This means she gets cold and likes to burrow into blankets, dirty laundry, jackets, or anything else on the floor that she can wriggle into to stay warm once the temperature starts to drop. Once, when she was a puppy, she met me at the door wearing a pair of Steve's flannel lounge pants. She had her nose stuck out of the fly and each leg trailed behind her like a pair of tentacles. She's also been known to worm her way down inside the sleeve of a sweatshirt or the leg of a pair of sweatpants. Alas, it's a lot harder for her to do that now that she's bigger.

I don't typically dress my dog up but I have been known to buy her a sweater if I thought 1) it would keep her warm and 2) it would actually stay on her. Like the stereotyped dachshund, Oscar is built like a hot dog with stubby legs. The length of her legs makes it easy for her to step out of the arm holes and neck of most doggie sweaters, so she usually just "walks" out of any sweater I've bought her.

Yesterday I found a fleece Snuggie For Dogs! at the thrift store, size small in shocking bright pink. Knowing full well that this was probably not going to work on a dachshund, I paid my 50 cents down and brought it home.

Oscar was less than enthusiastic about my new purchase for her.


She walked out of it in about two minutes. I think I could add a few strips of hook-and-loop tape to secure it better around her body, but I'm not sure it's really worth the effort. For starters, the length of the fleece barely covers her chest and leaves the rest of her back and belly exposed to the elements. Those are critical heat loss areas for a dachshund. I'd probably be better off just making one myself with extra length and closure ties for Oscar's um, unique build. Plus I can use whatever color fleece I want. Preferably something not Pepto-Bismal pink.


Just take the picture and be done with it, Mom. And for heaven's sake, get me out of this thing!

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