Monday, March 14, 2011

Florida Odds and Ends

I thought I'd list the remaining, random tidbits from our recent Florida trip.

  • I would rather sleep with my dog than my child.  Ally has an annoying tendency to take up the center of the bed, regardless of the size of the bed, and will either 1) sleep perpendicularly to you with her feet on your leg or 2) randomly smear her hand down your face in the middle of the night to check that you're still in bed with her.
  • There's an odd assortment of things for sale on the side of FL-25/US-27 between Orlando and Lake Wales.  We saw rugs and sofas, an old airplane fuselage, the expected produce stands, and goat milk fudge for sale.
  • Goat milk fudge is not nearly as exciting as I thought it might be.
  • Florida is awfully flat. 
  • Orange groves smell heavenly.
  • We weren't planning on taking a tour of Celebration, the town designed by Walt Disney World, but someone woke up from her nap on the drive back from Bok Tower and began a lengthy discussion about how she needed to go poop right now.  Celebration was the first exit we came to that looked promising in terms of bathroom accessibility, so we drove around a bit before ducking into a Stetson University building.  Ally and I got several curious looks from bright young things dressed in business attire, but thankfully no one objected to us tourists using the bathroom.  
  • Celebration appeared to be a surprisingly pleasant community with some interesting architecture.  I've heard they pipe bird song out of the speakers in the downtown section, but hey...what else would you expect from Disney?
  • The substation for Celebration has power lines in a giant Mickey Mouse silhouette.
  • On our way out of Celebration we spied a smallish alligator sunning itself in the draining pool in front of an apartment building.  No, it wasn't an animatronic alligator planted there by Disney to amuse the tourists.  Alligators are far more exotic than the deer and cows we have in our yard in Christiansburg.
  • We also got to see a real, live lowrider in action on Fl-25.  There was a sad, beat up Chevy Impala with torn upholstery and lots of Bondo in front of us at a light, and by golly the whole thing dipped and raised the front and rear ends until it was low to the ground.  I have no idea why anyone would go to the trouble of putting in the hydraulics for that sort of thing in such an ugly car, but it was definitely something you don't see everyday in Christiansburg.
  • Florida is populated by bad drivers.  Really bad drivers.
  • Ally is still talking about how she wants to go back to live in the hotel where we stayed.

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