Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ally, The Rainbow Fairy Princess

Ally decided she wanted to be a rainbow fairy princess for Halloween this year. For months she had told me that she would be a ghost, then a witch, and a superhero, and maybe Barbie. I thought maybe she was having a hard time committing to one costume, but then it dawned on me that Ally wanted to be all those things...on the same night.

I finally got her straightened out on the logistics of multiple costume changes on Halloween and she settled on a rainbow fairy. Rainbow fairy I can do. Nope, we weren't going to do a tied-dyed hippy rainbow fairy. Ally would be dressed up as traditional rainbow fairy with primary colors. I sewed some bright rainbow ribbon to the cuffs of a white shirt and found Ally's tights with the rainbow bands on the legs to wear with a denim skirt. I added some streamers to a wand, we got a sequined headband from the dollar store, and voila! A rainbow fairy princess was born.

As you can see, that's not the outfit she's wearing in this picture.


The weather changed and the temperature dropped into the freezing zone at night. The kind of weather that kills a cool costume and no one can tell what you dressed up as because you've got to wear a heavy coat over your outfit. Ally's skirt was too short for that kind of night temperatures and her rainbow ribbon cuffs would be hidden. Not enough rainbow would be seen.

Clearly I was going to have to change the costume so 1) you could tell Ally was dressed up for Halloween and 2) my daughter didn't freeze to death. I got some rainbow striped fleece material and made Ally a fringed apron-y skirt to wear over a longer, warmer pink skirt. I didn't find any bright, primary rainbow colors....the store only had some pastel, ombre shaded, rainbow material that was obviously more of a tie-dyed look than I had originally planned. On the other hand, Ally was thrilled to have more pink and purple in the ensemble.

Ally wore the fringed overskirt with a fleece jacket that fortunately had rainbow circles and flowers on it. Ally couldn't wear her fairy wings with the additional bulky layers but at least she didn't freeze. In the end many people thought she might be a Hippie Princess but that didn't faze her in the least once the candy started filling up her bucket. Plus, Ally got to wear the warm fuzzy boots that light up when she stomps on the ground, an added benefit when you're out trick or treating in the dark.


In the end Ally was perfectly happy with her homemade costume. She can wear the fleece skirt to play dress up anytime she wants. And that first outfit I put together for her? It wasn't wasted effort: Ally wore it to school last Wednesday and has asked if she can wear it again soon.


Ally did get to dress up as a witch for her class Halloween party the Friday before Halloween. 


Cute, but it didn't have the panache of the Rainbow Princess Fairy.

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