Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year Resolutions, Back Pain, and the 2012 Mayan Doomsday Prophecy

I noticed last week than many of the people I know on Facebook were posting "Good riddance to 2011!" type messages. 2011 was hard on a lot of people for many different reasons. There's a whole other population out there that firmly believes that the world is going to come to an end in 2012, but I'm not friends with them so I have no idea what their Facebook posts might have been around December 31.

2011 wasn't a bad year for me, but four days into the new year I managed to throw my back out. While putting on a shirt, no less. This doesn't bode well for 2012.

My new year's resolution for 2012 was simply to get my act together again and I was ready to do it. We had just gotten Ally back into her school routine after suffering two weeks of holiday craziness and a end of the year head cold. I was coming out of my post-holiday blahs and was actually looking forward to spending the first two weeks of the year cleaning up the house and clearing out some clutter. I finally had an idea of how I wanted to finish a quilt that's been languishing on my quilt wall since April. I wanted to clean out the refrigerator and a few neglected closets. Honestly, I was even going to start exercising regularly again.

But clearly the universe had other intentions for me yesterday. I felt an unusual muscle pain while getting dressed, but it went away after a twinge or two so I didn't give it much thought. It came back with a vengeance, however, and now there's a small area in my mid-back where a muscle has been in more or less continuous spasm since yesterday afternoon. It's tolerable if I take some Tylenol and sit still with a heating pad on my back. However, when I stand up, I've got to have my hand on my back to give the muscle some counter pressure or it will not shut up. And last night, while trying to sleep....words cannot really express that particular agony and the ridiculously bleak thoughts it brought me. At one point I promised the universe that I would gladly throw away all those leftover cookies on the counter first thing tomorrow if I could just get some sleep. Any sleep.

So much for a fresh start in 2012, but there's hope as I was able to get an appointment with our chiropractor this afternoon. I'm taking heart in that the Mayan doomsday prophecy doesn't actually mention anything about back pain in 2012, as far as I know. And I'm fairly certain that my back pain isn't related to timewave zero, Planet X, geomagnetic reversal, or any other New Age, mystical apocalyptical hogwash. Except I'm curious about that predicted galactic alignment, especially if if meant my back would also get realigned as well. I think I could use a little of that right now.

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gracie said...

Ouch that sux! Hope the chiropractor works some magic on your back and brings your nook of the universe back into alignment.