Sunday, September 27, 2009

One year later....

Holy schnikes, my blog was exactly one year old yesterday!

I first started blogging because although I enjoy writing, I felt that I didn't have enough opportunities to do it. Writing summaries of endless chemical trials at work just didn't cut it for my sense of creativity. I originally thought that maintaining a blog would ease my way back into creative writing more regularly, but I didn't initially view writing a blog as an act of writing in itself. Boy was I wrong.

A blog entry is nothing more than an essay. Blog entries can be lengthy or just short blurbs, but there's very little difference between writing a blog and anything I ever wrote in high school or college. I still need an idea for each blog and I try to be careful with the composition and grammar for each entry. While each embryonic entry is scintillating in its originality and composition while it's still in my head, I do have to sit down and actually write the thing out, which is where it acquires all of its clunkiness and bad grammar. The act of posting an entry produces no less apprehension in me than turning a paper in for a grade did 20 years ago in college. Is this an interesting topic? Will someone find fault with the composition? Omigosh, what if someone doesn't like it? And yes, these thoughts do still pop up in my head even though I think maybe all of one or two people actually read my blog and I don't think anyone reads it with any regularity. :-D

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