Monday, November 2, 2009

Chandelier dreams

We're big fans of the Pumpkin Festival out at Sinkland Farms in Riner, Virginia. It wasn't until our last trip that I realized that the farm has an old barn available as an event center. It's a nice, big structure with a stage at one end of the building. The concrete floors, sheet metal roof, and wooden beams give it a very rustic feel.

But the funky chandelier inside is stunning. It's a massive light fixture made of all kinds of glass bottles and jars attached to graduated iron rings with scrollwork and tiers of electric tapers on the outside. The glass is clear, frosted, and aqua colored. There are Mason jars, patent medicine bottles, soda bottles, and a wine bottle or two.


Underneath is a Japanese glass fishing float with the netted covering.

Chandelier underside

Standing underneath it and looking up into the chandelier....the whole thing makes me think of a big jellyfish.

Chandelier underside 2

I want to rent the center for a dinner party one early summer night just to see it all lit up. I bet it's beautiful.

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