Saturday, June 19, 2010


We have lots of blackberry bushes on our property. I know a lot of people would prefer to get rid of the plants rather than deal with such messy shrubbery, but ours grow on the steep slope along the driveway and down the hill. Frankly there isn't anything else I'd want to try to establish in their place and we certainly don't need any extra land to keep mowed now. I freely admit that the plants are big, thorny, and aggressive to the point of threatening to blockade the driveway on occasion, but I've told Steve to leave them alone unless they start blocking the driveway again. "If you get the urge to cut them back, just look at all those canes and think of pie," I told him when we moved into the house.

They were beautiful when they bloomed in May, an entire hedgerow of white blossoms.

Blackberry1, 2010

The fruits are starting to turn red now. Each time I walk past them I say a little prayer...."Please be sweet and juicy, please be sweet and juicy, please be sweet and juicy."

Ripening blackberries

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