Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer quilt, finished

I finished the Summer Quilt in late May, but I just realized that I hadn't posted any pictures of it.

Like the last quilt I made, this quilt has a flannel sheet for batting and is self-bound using the backing material. I quilted this one with diagonal lines through each five inch square. The binding is stitched with triple rows. I know that this type of binding is not considered to be as durable as the traditional binding made from strips of material bound over and stitched to the quilt "sandwich" of top, batting, and backing, but I do like the look of a self-bound quilt and I'm not quite ready to try making my own binding by hand. Plus, the triple stitched binding is becoming something of my own signature, I think.

Summer quilt, top, hammock

If I remember correctly, I repurposed the fabric from 3-4 shirts and 1-2 skirts for this quilt. Some of the remaining fabric was left over from my first quilt made back in February. Wow, I can't believe I've made three quilts in 2010 already, and I've got most of a fourth made, too.

The back of this quilt is pieced from several large pieces of fabric along with strips of smaller squares and rectangles. This gives the quilt a second "face," one with a more modern look to it.

Porch swing quilt

Once again, as I was putting this one together, I found myself wondering if the finished quilt would be pleasing in the end or just one big hot mess of bright colors and jumbled patterns. But then I took it out of the dryer and it was just what I was hoping for.

Summer quilt on swing

I think you know where you can find me where's my book?

Summer quilt, ready for nap

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