Thursday, August 19, 2010

How you gonna keep them down on the farm once they've been to the fair?

We took Ally to the New River Valley Fair in Dublin last month. It's your typical small town fair with agricultural exhibits, carnival rides, cotton candy, demolition derby, and horse pulls.


Here was the big surprise: I entered my 'July Regatta' quilt in the "first quilt" category, and it took first prize! We were very excited.


Yep, I can now talk about my prize winning quilt.


In interest of full disclosure I should add that I don't think there were many entries in this category, but it is a blue ribbon and and a $3.00 premium to my name.

Ally rode a pretty pony....


and a motorcycle....



and a blue dolphin.


I made friends over in the livestock barn.


This little nanny goat had something on her mind and she wanted everyone to know about it. She was quite the talker. Those are her kids in the cage. Good thing they were in the cage, or that little spotted one might have gone home with me.


I believe this one would have followed me home if Steve would have let her.


I should tell Steve more about the wonder and majesty of goat ownership. I don't think he's realized yet that Ally will have the opportunity to raise and show goats through 4-H now that we live way out here in the county. Yep, I've already checked out the current Mid-Atlantic 4-H Market Goat Project Guide available through the Virginia Cooperative Extension. One way or another, I'm gonna get my goat.

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