Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day 2010

It's been unexpectedly chilly at night for the past couple of nights. Mornings around 7:30 am have been no more than 48-50 degrees, requiring at least a fleece or a light jacket for coffee on the porch.

Ally decided to join me on the back deck this morning. Notice the tres chic ensemble she's wearing....a red LL Bean rain jacket over last year's Halloween pajamas and with a pair of white deck boots.

Yes, I said deck boots. They may look like rain boots but they are assuredly not rain boots. Those are the type of boots worn by fishermen (and women and kids) in Poquoson. They're white, to avoid marking up the boat decks, and they're referred to as "Poquoson bedroom slippers."

8am, Labor Day 2010

Oscar joined us a few minutes later to give Ally a big kiss. Not a bad way to start off the holiday.

8:05am, Labor Day 2010

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