Friday, February 4, 2011

Dining Room Chairs Redone

Once upon a time, Steve bought a dining room table with four chairs. The pretty table had a vaguely Scandinavian look to it, and the chairs were upholstered in a pale cream fabric with a textured weave. The new chairs were clean, with no stains or spills.

Time passed. A puppy chewed on the bottom rungs of the chairs when she was teething. Several years after that, a baby arrived and promptly spilled food and drink all over the chair seats. And the chairs no longer looked that pretty.

DiningRoomChair, Before

I couldn't take the dingy, stained fabric on our dining room chairs any longer, so this past weekend we reupholstered them. After Steve popped the seats off the chairs, I simply cut a doubled thickness of felted wool blankets to fit over the existing upholstery and we stapled it to the underside of the seat. Then I had a couple of yards of cotton upholstery fabric with a tan floral print on a black background just waiting for a good project, so I used that to cover the seats. And now our dining room chairs look like this:

DiningRoomChair, After

I figure the busy black and tan pattern will hide a multitude of spills for at least a couple of years, or at least until someone spills red Kool-Aid all over them.


gracie said...

My gosh, Tree the chairs look amazing - waaay better than the original!

Evelyn Weddle said...

They look awesome!!