Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Work in Progress, Feb. 1, 2011

I've been wanting to do a simple quilt with appliqued blocks. And I've also wanted to use up my stash of squares cut from various pieces of linen clothing in fairly neutral colors. I cut out these 6.5 inch square blocks last fall and stashed them away until last week, when I finally pulled them out again. I had the rough idea of the quilt laid out in just 20 minutes once I started playing around with the color placement.

Here's a view of the work in progress laid out on my quilt wall. I'm grateful for that empty wall in the basement with a flannel sheet tacked to the wall; it makes laying out a quilt so much easier than spreading it out on the floor. I think a quilt wall makes it easier to check for color placement in the design, too. Any color "clumps" will be obvious when you're looking at the layout on the wall.

Work in Progress (linen block quilt)

As you can see, I'm using a mix of solid colors with several floral prints. The prints are either a neutral tone on black or black on a khaki background. The solids include a range of natural tans, sage greens, and a mushroom taupe color, along with black and two reds. The first red is a brighter color, and the second is more of a rust color. The applique blocks will consist of a neutral tan overlaid on a darker color, with a smaller block of black applied on the tan. I'm going to stitch these with a raw edge for a frayed look.

Work in Progress2 (linen block quilt)

You can see some of the neutral tan appliques randomly laid out now, but I haven't begun to incorporate the smaller black squares yet.

Work in Progress4 (linen block quilt)

This throw will larger than others I made last year, but still somewhat smaller than a twin-sized quilt.

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