Friday, September 30, 2011

Ally Draws My Portrait

Ally's been really having fun doing artwork lately. She likes to draw at the dining room table while I cook dinner. I see a lot of construction paper, markers, glue, and glitter in our near future. Santa might even bring her a whole box of art supplies.


Earlier this week Ally came home from school and announced that she was going to draw a picture of me. She pulled out her supplies and diligently got to work. After about a half hour of intense concentration, this is what she showed me:


"Ta-da!" she announced as she gave me the picture with a flourish. "This is you with your fat stomach in a Hokie dress."

"Uhhhhh, what are those things on my arms, Ally?"

"Those are your bandaids 'cause you were bleeding."

This is the first time Ally has drawn a picture of me, so I should feel flattered. At least my purple legs are nice and skinny.

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