Friday, September 23, 2011

Fun and Game Cameras

I gave Steve a game camera for Christmas last year. It's taught us a lot about the fauna around our house.

For instance, you get a lot of mundane shots when you set the game camera up beside the driveway.


This is just us in the car, unless a deer took it for a joyride one morning while we we're still asleep.


Sasquatch shovels the driveway.


A night shot of nothing.


Then the batteries died, probably because we took hundreds of shots of the cars going up and down the driveway. Months passed before we replaced the batteries and moved the camera over to the side of the yard.

Now we got hundreds of shots of Steve mowing the lawn.


Then we had proof that there is wildlife around our house. A crow.


Then, months after setting up the camera, we finally had photographic evidence of the deer that hang out in our yard at night.


'Cause, ya know, seeing them out there all the time in the yard and in the driveway just wasn't concrete evidence that we really had deer.


I think this may be a shot of our resident young buck. I recently saw him with his new antlers. He looks like he's a 4 pointer.


Another shot of Steve mowing our now dry lawn.


Then we moved the camera out back. We started getting more shots of interesting subjects when we set a bucket of water near the camera.

This may be a bird or a grasshopper flying close to the camera. I'm tempted to submit it to one of those cryptid zoology sites that show out of focus shots of Bigfoot and chupacabras. "It's clearly a flying rod!"


Another crow.

And then we got more deer.




Then the batteries died in the camera again. I'd like to get the camera set up again soon. This time I'd like to place it where we could take pictures of Sugar Booger coming and going. On the other hand, I'm not sure I want to know that there might be more than two bats out there.


Evelyn Weddle said...

Pretty Cool!! Definitely worth seeing if Bigfoot lives up your way.

Tree Dellinger said...

Ev, when you come visit we'll just go out on the back deck at night and jacklight the deer. Or cats, skunks, foxes, woodchucks, cows or any other of the regular local wild life.
: )