Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

I owe my mother an apology. I didn't send her a card for Mother's Day this year. Somehow my brain was thinking that Mother's Day was next Sunday, not today. I freely blame my daughter for this. It's a tragic affliction known as "Toddler Brain," which strikes millions of mothers every year, generally in households with only one child who is a toddler. Toddler Brain is capable of reducing intelligent, well-educated women into mere automatons (auto-matrons?) capable of feeding, dressing, and cleaning a toddler, but not much else. My days are generally filled with Snow White, potty training, cowboy princesses, sticky hands, and endless requests for snacks. I can tell you plot lines of multiple episodes of Dora the Explorer, but don't ask me to remember a holiday. Some days I can't even remember what subject I got that PhD in.

I can only hope that my own mother experienced this with me, and hopefully she'll understand. If not, I hope the following pictures of her grand-daughter will make up for her own daughter's short comings.

Ally 1, Mother's Day 2010

Ally 2, Mother's Day 2010

Ally, Mother's Day 2010

What you don't see in these photos is that Ally is standing right beside a humongous clump of poison ivy under those irises. It's all curly hair, big smiles, and pretty flowers up top, but potential irritating itchy rash that might drive you insane below*.

That's about as good of a metaphor for motherhood as there is.

*No Mom, Ally didn't actually come down with poison ivy as the result of this photo shoot, thank goodness.

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