Friday, October 15, 2010

Purple Fairy Rides Forth

This, um, striking tableau was composed by Ally, our three year old, before she left for daycare one morning this week. You see here Purple Fairy, who no longer has her purple butterfly wings due to an unfortunate accident last month. Purple Fairy is wearing a bracelet around her hips in a Warrior Goddess fashion and she is riding Thomas, the Scotty Dog. Apparently Purple Fairy uses a strand of pearls to rein Thomas. Beside them is their faithful companion, Jack O'Lantern, who won't light up right now because Ally left him on too long and ran down his batteries. Overall the arrangement gives me the impression of something along the lines of a Boris Vallejo painting, only one more suitable for the toddler set. (I briefly thought of googling "Boris Vallejo bear woman" to see if I could actually find an image of one of his paintings with a woman riding a bear, but 1) he may not have painted such an image and 2) I'm not sure I really want to explain his artwork to my parents when they saw it.)

Barbie, Warrior Queen

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