Thursday, October 7, 2010

Random Crafts

Here are a few items that I've done in the past year, but haven't written about them yet.

This is a vintage crocheted wool rug done in alternating squares of cream and light taupe. I reinforced some of the corners where the squares had begun to separate, then upcycled it by appliqueing a red wool felt heart sewn with random buttons in one corner of the rug. I think this would make a beautiful tree skirt for a skinny, alpine Christmas tree, or maybe just a nice warm winter mat for a kitty.


Sometimes I find wool sweaters that have hoods on them. After I felt up the sweater, I cut the hood off at the seam where it joins the neckline of the sweater. I add ties to the hood so it can be worn again, along with some applique or embroidery to dress it up. While I can wear these myself, I think the size would be more comfortable for an older girl or a young teenager.

I made the pompom for this blue hood from strips of felted wool. The light blue ties are from another sweater, and I think the flower shapes were cut from two different scarves. The blue wool felted up nicely and is still very soft and supple.


For this orange hood I added a chocolate brown silk ribbon and embroidered stars all over the hood in brown and silver gray. This orange wool felted into a very thick, substantial fabric.


And this is just a giant acorn I created on a whim. The bottom is a wool hat turned upside down and covered with a big circle of wool tweed to make the cap. I created the stem from a strip of felted wool rolled up and stitched into a cylinder. The acorn is stuffed with bits of wool scraps leftover from other projects. I like using up all of my material to the best I can.


Somewhere out there is a three foot tall squirrel looking for this acorn.

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