Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Many Faces of Cinderella

Ally is a big fan of the Polly Pocket-type dolls with the vinyl clothes. We found her a Cinderella doll of that type while we were at Disney World last month. Ally was immediately enthralled by Cinderella's extensive wardrobe, sidekicks, accessories, and copious amounts of glitter.

This is Cinderella. (Yes, she looks like she's had too much Botox.)


The problem with the vinyl clothes for these dolls is that it's very difficult to get the dresses on and off the doll. That's why they're made with removable heads. You pop the head off, change the clothes, and then replace the head.

And because Cinderella has a scullery maid outfit and her princess outfits, she also comes with two heads. One with a ponytail and the other with an updo.


Somewhat disturbing, no?

The best part is that Ally learned very quickly that changing Cinderella's outfit is somewhat of a pain in the butt for an almost 4 year old, and Mom and Dad weren't too excited about assisting with the many, many costume changes Cinderella needed. So Ally just started playing with Cinderella's heads sans body. She would pick up one head in one hand and the other in her other hand and play like they were having a conversation.

"No, I want to wear the blue dress," said scullery maid Cinderella head.

"But I need to wear the wedding dress, " said Princess Cinderella head.

You get the idea. At least it cuts down on the amount of glitter scattered everywhere.

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