Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wild Kingdom in Plum Creek

So after a fairly uneventful winter, the animal kingdom in Plum Creek seems to be out of control.

1. We have been infested with field mice.

2. I found my first tick in the shower this week. (Don't ask.)

3. The deer have mowed down the hostas along the driveway. (No big surprise there.)

4. I found the back half of Little Bunny Foo Foo on the driveway. (Maybe fox or feral cat.)

5. A wren got inside the house yesterday, but evidently found its way out before we noticed it. (Lots of bird poop.)

6. A bluebird knocked itself silly in one of the windows.

7. The resident groundhog has reappeared in the pasture beside our house.

8. Sugar Booger, the resident bat, is flying around at dusk again.

9. Steve saw a black snake in the lower part of our back yard.

10. Our neighbor separated the older calves from the momma cows last week, and the mommas are still very vocal about their unhappiness with this situation. At night. Late at night. (I blame the full moon for part of that.)

11. I found a cricket inside my shirt at 2 am this morning. A live cricket. In my arm sleeve. In our bed. I'm a loss for words to explain this one.


Yes, the bluebird did recover, but first he pooped on me.

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